The Basic Backstory

This is the post excerpt.


It was May 2015 when I started writing for real. Originally, I had the format of reviewing whatever I came across, be it books, movies, television, etc. That format didn’t work out so well, though I may or may not upload some of my older reviews as archives. I very quickly realized that reviews weren’t quite my forte, and I needed to go in a slightly different direction. My biggest problem with reviews was that I couldn’t go into enough detail, or really get into the themes and details. As such, I turned to analysis, and thus found my niche. Analysis did everything reviews didn’t, and the format was there to stay by that point.

I figured I could use a different title, and so in reference to my favorite series of all time, I took up the mantle of “Sorcerer of Analysis”. Thus comes my current form, and the creation of this page. For those new to this site, expect in-depth analysis of anything I feel to be worthy of my time. I will also be offering a series called “The Beginner’s Guide”, where I explain how to craft the basics of a given subject, such as a genre or narrative concept. I might also continue writing reviews. Only time will tell.