2022: Reloaded

Kept you waiting, huh? Last few years have been pretty rough for my upload track, but I’m looking to change that going forward. My passion for writing was restoked recently, and this year I would like to take on a few larger multi-part projects, a few recurring series, and some other one-offs. Down, but not out, I have returned with a vengeance. I plan on restarting my seasonal anime beat, working on some long-form analysis in between other projects, and really expanding my series of character analysis to cover a lot more variety. Unless something completely insane happens, the manga for Golden Kamuy will probably wrap up this year as well, and when that happens I’ll write up my final thoughts on it, which should be absolutely glowing. In my eternal battle against the “What do I even want to write next?” disease, I have enlisted some outside help also, so on occasion I may even collaborate with some of them. The future holds so many exciting possibilities. To the new year, and a more prolific future.


September Update

So, I am gonna scrap the Summer Season impressions, the only thing I really had the will to watch was Cells at Work, which was positively delightful. Next month is October, which means more Horror articles, and a lot of stress on my end. The Fall season promises to be much better than the Summer one, but those impressions will have to wait until November, my October schedule is packed enough as it is. Of course, October will not have another part of V for Vendetta analysis, my hands are very full with the schedule. I hope that, now that I’m back on my ADD medication, I can crank out more articles than just one a month, but this is my senior year, so you know, no promises. Most of this month will be preparing for next month, so don’t expect more than the usual. That’s basically it, all I have to offer.

August Update

The summer anime season schedule is a pain in the ass. Just thought I’d lead with that. I had to push my seasonal impressions much further back this season because one of the shows I actually picked up doesn’t start airing until… tomorrow, so it’ll be a few weeks before I get to talk about the four shows I picked up this season. And I haven’t started the others yet, because I will only make my impressions of the first three episodes of everything, unless one or more make me hate them enough to drop them faster (as I tend to do with anime, my fastest drop is seven minutes). Expect my impressions this month. V for Vendetta, 30 Years Later Part 2 will be out this month as well. October also draws nearer, and preparing for that will be quite stressful. Still, this month should be business as usual.

July Update

So the Spring 2018 anime season is now over, and the Summer season is full of sequels I couldn’t give less of a shit about. Unlike the last two seasons, wherein I covered 5 shows each, this time, I can only muster up the willpower to watch 3. And I don’t feel the excitement for them that I have for the frontrunners of the last two seasons. Unless they really surprise me, I doubt that I’ll follow this season with the same passion as the last two. As such, I’ll probably devote more focus to my V for Vendetta project, I’m hoping to get a new part out every month or two, and I’ll break them up with some smaller projects in order to prevent this site from becoming one note for the rest of the year. I’ve got a few more multi article projects that I would like to do, but no other really huge in depth analysis planned at the moment. That said, I haven’t got much else to do other than go through the backlog of old anime that I need to see but haven’t, and all the stuff that clogs my Netflix queue. Summer is a season of trying to combat apathy, it would seem.

June Update

I deliberately held back on this one until term ended, as this is more reflective of the rest of the next few months. I have plenty of new articles planned, especially a large multi-part project that I will continue for the rest of the year. I will try and really crank up my release schedule for the next few months. I have my next seasonal roundup, though that’ll likely be next month, a lot of one off projects, and hopefully a few reviews if I can get good enough subject matter.

May Update

So, another month comes. These are the hazy days of the year, but I will continue to work on new pieces. I’ve got a short article in the works in honor of my 3-year anniversary of watching Higurashi, some character studies, and even some original fiction, which I will link to in a future update. Other than that, not much. I realize this one is stupidly short, but that tends to happen sometimes.

February Update

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for another month of talking about Romance. Whee. Trying to work with it this year was a little harder than last year was, but never underestimate my ability to dig up topics. So, here we go again. Four more articles, one a week, released every Wednesday. Gonna stick my hand into the culture war fire again this year, as well as tackling Shakespeare once more, another, more contemporary review, and a little bit of posturing on a few things I want to see in a romance story, which will give you an idea of my personal taste. And for some non-topical bonus episodes, I’ll cover my thoughts on RWBY, and my opinion on the Winter 2017 anime that I’ve seen so far, which will be the first of a seasonal recurring series, where I may or may not occasionally bring on a guest to help me out. That’s what I’ve got planned for now, among a few other projects which will come into play more in future.

January Update

So, it’s a new year. Whee. I’m another year older, and substantially more depressed. Still, it’s not all bad. February is coming up, which means I’ll be able to talk about one of my favorite genres again. Preparing for that has been very difficult, especially when trying to think up my fourth topic. I’ve got three solidly decided, and the fourth one comes down to if my special gimmick is going to pull through. So far, things are not looking good, so I’ve been scrambling to find a replacement. But that’s a matter for next month. This month, I’m definitely going to talk about the highlights of last year, and season 5 of RWBY is set to end this month, so I’ll definitely have a piece discussing my thoughts on that. Not really much else to talk about, but I will say that I’m gearing up to revisit a few large projects that I had to put on the backburner last year due to various factors. As for other ideas, I’ve been planning new projects of various categories. Beginner’s Guides, various reviews and essays, even some original fiction. And maybe I’ll dip a toe into politics a few times, though that’s a huge maybe. Though to be honest, I’m wavering on the edge of burnout, and I need to find something new to really get me going again. That might be my ADD, and I really need to sort it out ASAP. But until then, I’m in the hunt for something new that gives me the same passion I once had for article writing. For now, I’ll definitely have my list of 2017 highlights out this month, and I’ll definitely have my thoughts on RWBY V5 by the end of the month, unless for some reason that season doesn’t end until February, in which case it probably won’t be out until March. As for beyond that… we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

December Update

Another month, another update. It’s the season of saturation in Christmas spirit, which is to say, drowning my cynicism in eggnog and chocolate. I don’t think I’m going to do any Christmas specials, because honestly, what the flying hell would I do? So it looks like this is going to be another normal month, but also a source of stress as February approaches, and I need to ready 4 posts by then. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to talk about yet, nor am I sure I’ll be able to use the fun gimmick I have planned, because that’s currently  left up to factors beyond my control. I’m still not spoiling what my plans are, but they’re currently in jeopardy for reasons I can’t entirely explain.  It’s looking to be a last minute decision on whether to implement it or not, and that really complicates any plans I might make. I’ll explain further if I end up going with it, and if I don’t, I won’t explain at all what it is, in case I eventually go with it in the future. In the meantime, I’ll go through a normal month this month, and then next month I might have 2 specials, one recounting my 2017 awards (this is definitely happening), and the other being something for my 17th birthday (this one is up in the air at the moment). We’ll see when the time comes, but until then, the shouldn’t be anything special going on.