2022: Reloaded

Kept you waiting, huh? Last few years have been pretty rough for my upload track, but I’m looking to change that going forward. My passion for writing was restoked recently, and this year I would like to take on a few larger multi-part projects, a few recurring series, and some other one-offs. Down, but not out, I have returned with a vengeance. I plan on restarting my seasonal anime beat, working on some long-form analysis in between other projects, and really expanding my series of character analysis to cover a lot more variety. Unless something completely insane happens, the manga for Golden Kamuy will probably wrap up this year as well, and when that happens I’ll write up my final thoughts on it, which should be absolutely glowing. In my eternal battle against the “What do I even want to write next?” disease, I have enlisted some outside help also, so on occasion I may even collaborate with some of them. The future holds so many exciting possibilities. To the new year, and a more prolific future.

Author: WhenSomethingCriesAgain

Several years ago, I found myself positively brimming with opinions and insight, with no way to express them, so I began writing, and found that I liked it. I decided to start a page to keep records of my writing, and hopefully convince a few people to agree with my ideas.

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