September Update

So, I am gonna scrap the Summer Season impressions, the only thing I really had the will to watch was Cells at Work, which was positively delightful. Next month is October, which means more Horror articles, and a lot of stress on my end. The Fall season promises to be much better than the Summer one, but those impressions will have to wait until November, my October schedule is packed enough as it is. Of course, October will not have another part of V for Vendetta analysis, my hands are very full with the schedule. I hope that, now that I’m back on my ADD medication, I can crank out more articles than just one a month, but this is my senior year, so you know, no promises. Most of this month will be preparing for next month, so don’t expect more than the usual. That’s basically it, all I have to offer.


Author: WhenSomethingCriesAgain

Several years ago, I found myself positively brimming with opinions and insight, with no way to express them, so I began writing, and found that I liked it. I decided to start a page to keep records of my writing, and hopefully convince a few people to agree with my ideas.

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