My Review of “Black Panther”

A message to the entire film industry: please never ever cast Martin Freeman as an American ever again. 

Ok, so there’s been a ton of fervor over Black Panther, and I don’t really understand why. I mean, what is it about this movie that’s so different? Is it the story? No, that’s pretty standard to the usual Marvel formula. Are there any instantly memorable characters who will become household icons for a generation? No, not really, they’re very much within the conventions of an average Marvel movie. Oh! Are there perhaps really gripping and relevant themes and social commentary that really resonate with the times? Well, not really, at least not anything beyond “isolationism is bad and we shouldn’t do it”. So why? Why is this movie the subject of so much fervor? It’s just a standard Marvel movie with a thin coat of African themed paint on it. Nothing good, or bad, in it is unique to it, with the possible exception of casting Martin Freeman as an American character, which is bizarre and distracting. I’ve just got nothing to say. Nothing I can say about the story, or the characters, the aesthetic, the sound, just… nothing. It’s a completely standard Marvel movie. C+Whatever Floats Your Boat, I’m done here.


Author: WhenSomethingCriesAgain

Several years ago, I found myself positively brimming with opinions and insight, with no way to express them, so I began writing, and found that I liked it. I decided to start a page to keep records of my writing, and hopefully convince a few people to agree with my ideas.

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