Throwback: “The Hunger Games Review Part 3”

Before I get to the review, a bit of backstory. The Hunger Games is infamous for ripping off Battle Royale, but Battle Royale had a sequel. Battle Royale 2 focused on the survivors of the original trying to overthrow the government. It was widely criticized and labeled as an inferior film. The Hunger Games, apparently not learning, gave us Part 3, about the survivors of the original trying to overthrow the government. Here we go again.

Once again, we begin with the characters. All the old characters are the same, and the new characters are still boring. You have generic rebel leader with generic secret plans, generic squad commander with no personality, and various characters that only show up for a chapter or two, including generic squadmates 1-5. Nobody sticks out as interesting, and everyone is the same bland shade of UGH.

The story is by far the worst in the series. So, as it turns out, the secret thirteenth district, which was thought to be a nuclear wasteland, is actually a fully armed resistance HQ, and so they move out to destroy the Capitol. They do this by conquering the individual districts, of which we get to see 2 and 8, and then fighting in the Capitol itself. Meanwhile, Bread Boy has been kidnapped, and so they kidnap him back, only to find that he’s a danger to himself and others. The biggest problem with the book is that it suffers from shove-as-many-characters-into-the-finale-as-possible syndrome. This means the book is packed full of characters, none of whom have any actual character, and it expects you to remember who everyone is, and it expects you to care about all of them. The problem with that is since nobody has any character, nobody cares, and the sheer volume of characters causes them to bleed together into a thick, gray sludge. This distracts from the overall narrative, which is terrible anyway.

Once again, the film sound is awful. Jennifer Lawrence, while she might be a good actress (I don’t know), simply can’t deliver the lines that she’s presented with. The music in the film is just as bad as always, and nothing sticks out.

The actual visuals in the film are passable at best. Nothing is memorable for being any good, and most of the stuff still looks obviously fake. Kudos to the opening scene, though, which looks like something out of a holocaust drama.

And here’s where the philosophy got out of control, mutated into a monster, and tried to devour the townsfolk. Half the god damn book, including 95% of the last 3-4 chapters, is just spouting philosophical nonsense. And not even good philosophical nonsense. It’s more of “why our species sucks”, like we’ve seen thousands of times.

Overall, this was a mess. Bad story, forgettable characters, bad acting in the film’s case, and a shopping list of other problems bog it down. Unlike the other 2, both the book and the film earn the same rating. I issue The Hunger Games: Part 3 with a D- grade, and an I’LL SEND YOU BACK TO HELL! rating. This is absolute garbage, and you must avoid it. There, now I don’t have to touch this ever again. I’ll see you next time.


Author: WhenSomethingCriesAgain

Several years ago, I found myself positively brimming with opinions and insight, with no way to express them, so I began writing, and found that I liked it. I decided to start a page to keep records of my writing, and hopefully convince a few people to agree with my ideas.

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